The Prezly homepage from 2010 to today

I was scoping some changes to the website today and noticed how much better we plan and execute on changes to the website.


This is the first version of the homepage created by Jesse and Frederik. - 2010 - 2010


This one I remember more clearly. Frederik had read a book about 'social proof' and was obsessed with adding customer faces and quotes on our marketing materials. - 2011 - 2011


Did you say social proof? We added quotes, logos of customers using it and were experimenting the opening title - 2012 - 2012


Another revamp of the website with the first time I see Elvis Presley appear rocking it on the homepage header - ​ 2013 - ​ 2013


This year was the first time we got rid of the blue/green combination making room for a more subtle color palette - 2014 - 2014


Yet another color scheme and the first time there is a strong focus on 'request a demo'. - 2015 - 2015


This is a variation of the 2015 design with better copy, different hero. The gray on gray block 'Prezly made it effortless to set up your brand story hubs' was a poor color choice as I have trouble reading the text. - 2016 - 2016

2017 - 2018

This is the first time we have introduced a CMS to power the site. For the design we broke with all previous versions and started over. The result paid off.

The website stayed the same throughout 2018. - 2017 - 2017


Colors changed to a new palette. Part of this homepage was a version with quite some animations (see below)

Part of that page was an animation displaying the 3 key areas of the product. I remember the animation as being expensive to build, broken in some browsers and most of all very CPU bound resulting in low FPS.

animations on homepage


Same design framework as our current homepage. Back then it was powered by laravel Lumen framework - 2020 - 2020


Earlier this year we switched the website to be powered by Vercels Next.js. We swapped out the 'demo request' flow to a start your free trial flow. - 2021 - 2021



We doubled down on using NextJs and Contentful for the website. In attempt to use Prezly more ourselves (Read How Prezly uses Prezly, to run Prezly) we also integrated the /help section, the /academy and /news newsrooms.

We doubled down on the 'Turn your fanbase into Fans' and added a homepage slider to indicate you can use Prezly for different use-cases.


Current homepage with a stronger focus on explaining what the product does exactly together with social proof. Hero was replaced by a slider/video component that highlights the different parts of Prezly.