Moving to Spain

We bought a house in Catalonia and we're moving this summer

We've been contemplating a move abroad for a few years now and we finally did it. In August 2022 we'll be moving to the Spanish Pyrenees where we bought a house.

🔗But, why?

I've been trying to answer this question for hundreds of times now and I've learned that the best answer is

Why not?

It switches the conversation from a defensive (why would you be so crazy to do this?) mindset to a more balanced conversation where people try to convince me that Belgium isn't that bad. And it's not.

The truth is that we don't really know how good it is to live and work in Belgium because we never compared. Every time we take a long holiday we realise how small our part of the world really is and dream about how things would be somewhere else.

Additionally I would like to be closer to nature and my kids to spend more time outside.

🔗The House

The house is an old 2 story building in the center of a small mountain village. While the house has 7 bedrooms it doesn't feel spacious. That's because it's two different houses merged together which results in different floor levels and a lot of small rooms. We're looking to fix that over time.

The house is located in a mountain town (Pyrenees) at an altitude of 900m. The village ​ has about 30 permanent residents so we are increasing the population by 15%.

🔗The Plan & Moving

We figured the summer is the best time to move. This gives us enough time to prepare before the kids go back to school (in Catalan) in September.

We don't want to take too much stuff so we're going to move our belongings in two batches using the MobileHome and car+trailer. I also promised the kids I could bring the chickens which I'm starting to regret.

Will try to update this blog with our adventure. Onwards!