My personal changelog.

Inspired on a post by Brian Lovin about keeping a personal changelog. I'll try to update this page whenever I change stuff on this site or have updates for other personal projects I'm working on..

August 21, 2023

    Added Changelog

    Added a page to the website to keep a track of the things I'm working on and whenever I'm changing things to the website. Backfilled the page with the entries I knew about. It's clear that I spend more time updating this blog than writing actual content.

August 19, 2023

    Upgrade to Next 13

    Took a few hours over the weekend to upgrade the blog from Next12 to Next13. Moved everything to AppRouter and got rid of a ton of old/unused/boilerplate code.

    Updated /uses and /about page

    Updated 2 items in the hardware list (Monitor and Mouse) and one in the software list. See if you can spot the change on /about

November 14, 2022

    RSS Feeds

    Implemented an RSS feed for the homepage and the category pages. Wrote a blog post

    Subscribe Form

    Hooked up the homepage subscribe form to the prezly/sdk to get contacts to appear in the CRM.

September 4, 2022

    New Blog Theme

    Purchased a TailwindUI licence and applied the layout of TailwindUI Spotlight theme on the blog.

July 26, 2022

    New Blog (on NextJS)

    Decided to resume blogging and set-up a new blog based on a Prezly newsroom. Read the blog post.