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About me
1 min read

About me

I am a 25 year old IT consultant from Belgium, Leuven. Since August 2006 i work as a fulltime web developer in my own company. At this moment my company exists of 3 people ( 2 fulltimers ), and business is doing very good as we have plenty of projects. We mainly focus on database driven applications for .eu companies, institutions & organisations.

Now on the personal record : Most of my evenings are filled with work, and in the spare time that i have left, i always have to start by cleaning the mess i made when i was in a rush to get somewhere (clothes on the floor, mess everywhere, …). Besides that i try to have a good time with my friends, going out, watching movies, drinking & playing games. My girlfriend tells me i am a gadget freak, but i do not completely agree.

I’ll try to integrate a portfolio sometime soon…