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Writing Killer PHP Applications
1 min read

Writing Killer PHP Applications

Because i still have a quite visited blog (disabled comments though), i will try to post some web development idea’s / articles on a regular base. As a full-time webdeveloper i find it very important to have the right tools. I’ve told you before, as a development machine i am still using a WAMP set-up (Windows, Apache, Mysql, Php), whenever i finish some work on a project, i commit the code changes to a subversion repository (running on a Debian machine). The subversion server accepts connections over secured http to make sure no-one is reading / sniffing. To my opinion, the best tool to handle your svn actions (merge, commit, update) on a Windows platform is TortoiseSVN, they release regular updates, supports almost every svn action and has great documentation.

The most important in my daily development is my IDE, for the last three years i have been using Zend Studio Professional, at this moment i think (and i’m pretty sure), it’s the best PHP IDE Around. It has debugging capabilities, code completion, svn/cvs integration (although i prefer tortoisesvn, see above), but ofcourse it can’t be perfect…(i do expect it to come close for 300$/year).
One thing i don’t like about the Zend IDE (besides the pricing), are the updates. Zend is quite slow on the updates, (they might have too much todo), but as a registered & paying customer, i think some major fixes (Javascript errors in internal browser, Linux Visual Interface, Crashes) in Zend Studio 5.2.0 have a higher priority then deciding to build a new IDE when the current one is not finished (it never is). Nevertheless, this IDE is still the best PHP Editor around, in combination with the Zend Platform (free for developer licences & combined in the Zend Pro licence) you’ve got yourself a kickass debugging system containing the most important features as breakpoints, watches, stacks and output buffering.