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Unreal Engine 5 looks awesome
1 min read

Unreal Engine 5 looks awesome

The below video about the Unreal Engine looks awesome. I've been gaming a bit more lately (Lockdown anyone) but I'm stuck with games made 10+ years ago (Counter Strike and C&C generals).

But when this is out I am getting a PS5. Maybe we should get an office gaming console after all ?

Using Vimeo here as I found the quality much better. Also they can't track you all over the web or preload your video with crappy ads :-)

I did see some things that can be improved:

  • The characters ponytail sometimes looks robotic and has some kind of anti-gravity going on
  • The scarf felt a little stiff and moved unnaturally while climbing
  • The climbing movement is just weird. Epic should watch some climbing videos because that's not even close to how it looks