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Tiered Price/User + Minimal Users
1 min read

Tiered Price/User + Minimal Users

This is our current pricing scheme and so will make this post pretty short. So we have 2 plans: Professional or Expert that both come with a minimum of 3 users.

The most important feature difference between the two plans are the number of newsrooms (1 in professional) and the permission and coverage feature.

The numbers

Same numbers as the sample data as this is the baseline for the experiments:


I have blogged about the limitations of our current scheme. Listing them for quick reference:

  • It's not usage based: A high usage user has the same monthly fee than someone that logs in once/month
  • Price objections: Some leads/website visitors mention they don't even want to try Prezly because of the price tag
  • Account Sharing: Because one seat has a minimal price tag of 80 we know people are account sharing