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So long Ricoh ! Welcome Samsung !
1 min read

So long Ricoh ! Welcome Samsung !

Some weeks ago i got some new monitors for my employers (2x Samsung Syncmaster 226 Bw). After checking out some monitor specifications i was fully convinced that these 22′ monitors were the best available monitors (price/quality), the Samsung 226BW has a response time of 2ms and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. After wortking with these monitors for 2 weeks, i was convinced of Samsung, an upcoming power in hardware parts.

So after the nice “Ricoh incident“, i needed a new printer. Again checking review websites as well as pricewatch listings, i didn’t find a suitable printer that would offer me the functions i need. This is what i had on the requirements list :

  • Laser color printer
  • Less then 800€
  • Scanning capabilities
  • Scanning capabilities
  • Fax

When calling around & checking some various shops, one of those shops told me he had a brand new Samsung CLX-3160FN in stock (the last one), it’s a new Laser printer (all in one) solution that wasn’t even listed on the belgian Samsung website. (so i guess it was really new). I went to pick it up, although i noticed the specifications noted the CLX-3160FN printer could only print about 4pages per minute (in color), at the same time it had many other functions to compensate for the slow color printing (black&white has 16ppm). I was pleasantly surprised the printer had the retail price of 500€, what was less then i paid for the Ricoh machine 2 years ago.

Coming back @ our office, i immediately unpacked it. The CLX-3160FN comes with very good & brief instructions. You could call it a ‘fool-proof’ installation procedure. The printer picked up an ip adress from the DHCP server, allowing us to connect to it after about 10 seconds. After installing the drivers i noted the menu’s & applications were very clear & user friendly. I got a 10minute “godmode’ feeling when playing around with various features like : scan to email, scan to application, multi scan, fax from computer, fax to email etc…

I’ll write about some of these features later, it all comes down to my main point : “Samsung & CLX-3160FN rock !