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Ricoh screwed me
2 min read

Ricoh screwed me

2 years ago, i bought a CL2000 printer (Ricoh), thinking that i would be using this one for the upcoming 5 years, as i am not a frequent print-guy, paperless office remember ? Very good printer, stable, fast, not too noisy….

CL2000 Now after 1year and a few months, the color began to fade. Pages came out semi-printed, right untill the point i couldn’t print anything at all. So i called the Ricoh helpdesk, as i was pretty sure the machine was still under warranty (2years), they told me to contact me reseller, and let him manage the warranty.

So that’s what i did…I sent a mail to the computershop where i bought this machine, very nice people. They told me to bring in the machine, so that’s what i did…So now yesterday i got word of Ricoh, seems like my printer is totally screwed, but what is worse is the reason :

Ricoh service checked my machine and noticed that there was still a coating/plastic underneith 2 of the toner cartridges. (see pictures below). So 2 years ago, when installing the machine, i was stupid enough to pull out 2 of the plastics, and leave 2 others behind ??!…In these kind of situations it’s always my word against theirs, but i am fully convinced that i couldn’t be this stupid leaving 2 of those plastics behind. So now i ask myself :

  • Why couldn’t a 700$ machine not detect there is something wrong with the feeding of the toner ?
  • Why do these problems popup after 1,5 year after about 1000 prints ?
  • Why didn’t maintenance tests on the machine itself (color correction, alignment & refill status) not notice there was something wrong ?
  • How could those plastics screw up the entire machine ?
  • After taking out the toners at the office & in the computershop, we didn’t notice the plastic coating outselves ?

I was informed there are alot of broken / to-be-replaced parts on the machine. Apparently these costs will climb to about the price of a new machine (or even more expensive), +500€. I attached the pictures below, before you start accusing me how stupid i am, i am really sure i followed instructions, and also fully convinced “home-installations” need to be made “fool-proof”, that means the machine should detect a problem….


Now lets hope when they send this machine back, we can still use some parts. As i know several people that use the same machine.