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Propel / Pager / Datagrid - Part II
1 min read

Propel / Pager / Datagrid - Part II

In my previous post, i talked about the writing of a custom datagrid for propel usage. The required features for this datagrid would be :

  • easy configuration
  • multi sortable columns (ascending & descending)
  • search features
  • add actions to one or multiple records (icon + action)
  • sizeable columns
  • go to page x
  • ability to change rows per page

So since my last post, 2 weeks have passed and i am proud to say we’ve finished a large part of the code. Now we are still having problems with the javascript to allow the user to change his column width in multiple browsers, IE seems to refuse some of the javascript code. I am still looking into that.

P.S. : I have been getting several e-mails with code requests. Untill i am really done i won’t give out the code. If you think you can help me with the javascript resizing issue though, you can always drop me an e-mail.