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Prado v3.0 alpha edition is out
1 min read

Prado v3.0 alpha edition is out

I just got a very nice email concerning the release of an update of my favourite MVC php framework.

We are very pleased to announce that PRADO 3.0 alpha version is now available for downloading. Please use PRADO v3 discussion for topics about this v3 alpha release. We are working on a new website at which will be available upon v3 beta release.

I got the 3.0a version just 5 minutes ago, because i am starting a new project with another user registration / signup, i decided to give prado a shot. Very nice is the v3 quickstart tutorial, the guys over at xisc realize how important it is to have good user documentation / sample applications.

I used prado v2 before to develop a small intranet, and back then the petshop example (available by CVS) helped me quite alot trying to figure things out…and it seems like they are putting a big effort into documentation once again. Another big advantage is that prado has a good / friendly community, decent questions on the forum get a fast reply, and also developers are hanging around to help people as much as possible, keep up the good work guys ! i’m with ya !

Go get it over at