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PHP Form Handling
1 min read

PHP Form Handling

Goodbye page refreshes, goodbye “post page” before being able to check the inputted data. Nowadays the life of a webdesigner is alot easier because we now have AJAX !

In the “old days”, the way to check form input was to send it to the server using a POST/GET method, then verifying the data and send the user to the appropriate page, depending on the validation of the input. This way of form validation works for everything you want todo, but with larger/more detailed forms you will soon realize that it’s very hard to maintain & extend, and then we’re not talking about the end-user annoyance.

On the internet you will see dozens of AJAX frameworks, websites using AJAX. The best example of this all is Google suggest, type in a keyword and instantly get the number of hits google found for your keyword, no need to refresh, no need to click a button…it’s magic isn’t it ?
But this **** is al over, we’re past that now! some really smart people came up with a thing called Asynchronous JavaScript And XML aka AJAX . The intent is to shift a great deal of computation to the Web surfer’s computer, so the entire Web page does not have to reload when a change is made due to user interaction. Using this technique, webdevelopers can create dynamic forms that instantly check the users input and take appropriate actions after.

In the upcoming posts i will give some AJAX frameworks a go, because i need to find a good way to check the form input on a new website i am developing, the first one that i run into that is easy to use, extendable and fits my needs will be my last post on this matter (for now)….