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New Ubuntu installation
1 min read

New Ubuntu installation

Because i’ve read alot of good things about Ubuntu 6.06 TLS (codenamed Dapper Drake), i decided to give it a go this week. After seeing the movies (here, here and here) of the eyecandy (Compiz & XGL) i couldn’t wait to get it up & running to start drooling over my new & shiny laptop. I included some movies so you can see what i am talking about :

[gv data=”PNWA1jT-gJ4″][/gv]
[gv data=”IWQL56pMUSA”][/gv]
[gv data=”qvRx_GCE8GQ”][/gv]

Update: after working with Compiz/XGL for a while, i’ve noticed there are still some major flaws/features missing, the ones i miss the most at this moment are :

  • saving state/position/size of a window
  • some windows suddenly dissappear without further notice, i can restore em by killing them and starting them again

I’ll post some more thoughts pretty soon…

EDIT : Because i got some negative e-mails, i want to point out (just to be clear), that the flaws in compiz/XGL do not have anything todo with Ubuntu Dapper release itself, i found this debian based distribution very easy to install, flawless and self-explanatory…