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My working environment (software)
1 min read

My working environment (software)

I deciced to optimise my working environment, i am tired of having to format my disk every 2 months because things get slow….Just untill now i was a Windows user, i think all Microsofts operating systems passed on my computer….from ms-dos to windowsXp. And in my 10 years of computer user i formatted my machine at least 100 times….but i’m tired of it…

My current software environment :

  • Microsoft WindowsXP (sp2)
  • Microsoft OfficeXP
  • Openoffice 2.0
  • Zend IDE 5.0 (coding environment)
  • Wamp (Apache1.x, Mysql 4.x, Php5.x)
  • Email : Outlook (work / exchange) & Thunderbird (company / personal)
  • Mozilla Firefox (browser)

The future vision :

  • Ubuntu (a debian/linux based operating system)
  • LAMP (Apache1.x, Mysql 4.x, Php5.x)
  • Openoffice 2.x
  • Mozilla thunderbird : email
  • VMware : WindowsXP / Microsoft Office (exchange)

So lets start by installing ubuntu, and then go on from there