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Installing Ubuntu
1 min read

Installing Ubuntu

This is not my first time installing non-windows OS’s so it should go pretty good, and as Ubuntu has the most ‘user-friendly’ installation setup, i am pretty confident that it will install without too much hassle.

After installing the ubuntu cd (Ubuntu 5.10 “The Breezy Badger”) i put it in the laptop and made sure i had some free unpartitioned space (next to my current 2 partitions). Because i want to keep my current WindowsXP installation (i need outlook/exchange for work), i want to start with a dual-boot setup. The cd boots fine, and the installation wizard explains itself, the guys over at Ubuntu really did their best providing you with as less questions as possible and that turns out as a good experience for a first-timer.

The installation setup asks me if i want him to install grub (a bootmanager) to give the user(me) the choice which operating to boot up when you start it, which i agreed on. After the first reboot i noticed the installation also added my old “Windows XP” (on another partition) as a boot option….thats what they call flawless !