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Google and BigDaddy
1 min read

Google and BigDaddy

We all know the Google algorythm is a big secret, search results depend on so many factors, that eventually over the years the job of SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) was born. Now whats BigDaddy ? BigDaddy is a term used in the SEO blogworld and over at google itself to name a new datacenter infrastructure (not finished). This will add new capabilities in the “so popular” search engine and change the SEO world once again.
For a more detailed article concerning this matter follow this link.

Some more google news from Some people think that google homepage will get a makeover soon. I hope they keep it simple and clean like it was before, not too much clutter and unuseful information….but i am sure the brainiacs know what they’re doing…

And some more google news, google launched google news in belgium and netherlands. Google news is a rss feed reader you can customise to your needs. If you want a decent rss feed reader in dutch, have a look at google news

And then another link to something less common, “google admins online stumble” with google video search. Have a look :) It’s not every day you hear negative google news…