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Good Software
1 min read

Good Software

I created this page mostly for myself to have an overview of software i use on my systems.

Allway Sync : This freeware apps allows you to syncronize multiple devices. The app accepts commandline arguments for all your scripting needs. You also have the option to set the syncronisation direction & analyse before you sync. Great app !

: Without a doubt the best FTP/FXP client on the market, this software costs 25$ (see below)

PuTTy : A very good free ssh/telnet client, works like a charm, i tend to use the portaputty release so i can take it wherever i want

Truelaunchbar : Because windows (and kde/gnome) is lacking the ability to create custom root application menu’s, i use this nifty thirth party app to add menu’s to the top & bottom of my screen to have quick access to the common utils/commands. A personal licence costs 19$, and it’s worthy it.
WinSCP : Freeware SFTP and SCP client, i wouldn’t trade it for anything

Xplorer Pro : a very nice explorer replacement, very handy for file management because this application has 2 windows (similar to norton commander), i use the pro version that will cost you EUR 19.95, i couldn’t live without this anymore.

Zend Studio Pro : a PHP IDE that has cvs/svn integration aswell as an advanced debugging system. Best PHP IDE Around
As you already know by reading my blog, i like open-source software, but i also think that good software needs support, and there is no shame in asking money for a nice piece of software. I would like to urge you, if you like to work with the above software, to support the company and buy a licence !

OpenVPN : i use VPN to connect to the office from outside. OpenVPN is a free & very stable client for Windows machines.