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.eu domain registration system, my experience
2 min read

.eu domain registration system, my experience

Seems like Europe is getting a lot of critique on the management / handling / registration of .eu domain names. Wired news published an article that handles some of these problems

“It was badly handled from start to finish,” said John McCormac, who runs an Irish domain monitoring service and whose blog tracks the .eu controversy.

To make sure my company was able to get the .eu domainname, i tried to register the domain name during the sunrise 2 phase , so i used google to find a decent Belgian .eu registrar compared it to the certified registrars on the eurid site, mainly because i knew alot of fake companies were popping up…

After signing up, filling in all datails and paying the bill (about 300 euro’s), i got documents i needed to fill in and send to PriceWaterHouse coopers, and international law firm that was appoined by the .eu to handle the sunrise paperwork. I sent the filled in request 5 days after registering my domainname, on the day the sunrise2 period started. There i made a terrible mistake by not sending it by ‘registered letter’. My registrar told me i had 30 days to make sure my file would reach PWH (price waterhouse coopers), and as i sent it in 5 days after sunrise 2 phase opened, i was pretty sure there wouldn’t be any problem, right ?

After 30 days, i got a message from my registrar saying my application suspended, because the period was over, WTF?
I immidiately called them :

Me : I sent the application form 5 days after i registered my domain with you, i think it should have arrived by now ?
Registrar : I’ve had several complaints the past days, but i can’t help you, as it is PWHC desponsability, i suggest you give em a call ?
Me : Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr……ok

After this phone conversation i was starting to realise it was going to be a terrible job, getting someone to talk to at PriceWaterHouse coopers, but i gave it a try without any luck (i didn’t have a confirmation of sending the application). To make sure i had my domainname, i immidiately pre-registered my domainname with the landrush period, as i had a fast & solid registrar i was the first to register it in landrush…but i still lost my 300euro.

Now i ask myself, this lawfirm appoined by the .eu just has the complete control of what they do with your application ? During the period (after paying 300euro, for a minimal level of service), you do not get informed ONCE that your file still didn’t came through…I did send my letter immidiately, but even if it didn’t came through, for this amount of money you would expect a basic service and/or follow-up concerning your application, but i guess not…

Untill now, the letter didn’t came back, neither did i get a word from PWHC, and i am pretty sure i am not the only….