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Back to WinXP
1 min read

Back to WinXP

IN my previous posts i sounded pretty convinced that i would be working with Ubuntu (Linux) from now on. Working with that OS for 2 weeks made me realize that i would always encounter some compability issues using the current OS.

As a webdesigner i use Zend Studio 5 (IDE) to develop PHP code. This IDE has some amazing features like advanced debugging, variable watches. Before going over to linux i knew there was a linux version available of this IDE. After installing the IDE for linux, i noticed it was alot slower then the windows variant. Because i was losing alot of time looking for ways to speed up the IDE, to make the fonts look better i decided togo back to load my WinXP image again, and start working from that.
I have alot of projects at this moment and maybe this is not the good moment to go for a new development environment, more news later…