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Another Development Week
1 min read

Another Development Week

At this moment i am managing a project with 3 programmers and a designer. Because of the deadline of the project i had to allocate some extra resources to make sure everything is finished in time.

We are creating a system to analyse “Post Construction Waste” that is being transferred in Europe. To satisfy the need of our customer we designed a [tag]framework[/tag] that uses some of the most recent technologies including ajax, output caching, templating, xml language parsing and more…Because i prefer working with the recent available technologies, we decided to develop the project in php5, mainly because of the new/extended oop features and exception handling.

For version management we use Subversion, on my windows machine powered by TortoiseSVN with some extra scripts to commit/update/export with a simple click of the mouse (or shortcut combination). I noticed this week we crossed revision 700, we passed the cape of 500 programming hours on this project too….Time to move to the next one ?