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Stupidity strikes
1 min read

Stupidity strikes

I read this story (scroll down and read the description) about a stolen Apple Powerbook. Two theives stole a powerbook in an office in Sydney, Australia. The morons were stupid enough to connect the powerbook (unaltered) on the internet. But thats not all..*mwuhahaha* Stupidity strikes once again, the guys checked the company email, that way they left their ip adress on the mailserver log files…The owner of the portable soon was onto them and decided to send them an email of the security camera showing different image of their faces entering the building…

And it get’s worse !!! Because they got scared by the email sent to them, they decided to called the owner anonymous (yeah right !) on his cellphone to promess he would get the portable back by taxi post if no further actions were taken. They really knew what they were doing as they turned caller-id off !! haha, like thats gonna help….Guys if i were you, i would go find a good lawyer before the police knocks your door down, good luck !
I had a great laugh with this one (full story). One the otherhand, a good lesson for the owner that you should always back up your important information !