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Picking up my BLOG
1 min read

Picking up my BLOG

My last post dates from the 10th of March, so it has been awhile ! Sorry i’ve abandoned you guys for awhile, i noticed traffic is still coming in quite well….thanks for that !

So what have i been upto ? I’ve been very busy with some projects & my current job.

I’ve decided that from August (this year) i will be fully independant & working for my company. Considering i have alot of projects at this moment, i think it’s the right thing to do… From then on i will have the time to fully dedicate my time on my company / personal projects, what will hopefully lead to a more structured life…

At this moment i am just running/stressing around between various tasks, always trying to finish the most urgent things first…..Slowly this way of working is turning me crazy…I am never able to really finish what i am doing, always have to end-up with 90% finished projects…And, i could really use some vacation !