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Hi, I'm Gijs

How do I pronounce your name ?

That's how most meetings start. My answer: I don't care 🙂 First because it's almost impossible to pronounce in English, second reason is that I don't have any feelings when you get it wrong.

So my name is Gijs Nelissen. Living in Leuven, Belgium together with Annelies who I openly call my wife (although we're not married) and our 3 kids (Marcel, Lucie and Robbert) and Annelies.

I spend most of my time between being a parent and as a co-founder of Prezly ( In the time I have left I do some urban gardening, do sports, and I am learning how to kite-surf.

On this webpage (recently switched from Wordpress to Ghost) I will write about product management, company culture & hiring, tech topics and maybe sometimes about my personal life.